Free Content for Bedtime, Travelling, Playtime, and More!

Discover more songs and stories in the mytonies audio library - all free to download! Did we mention we have content in Dutch, French, Spanish, German and English?

Free Content for Bedtime, Travelling, Playtime, and More!

Looking for fun? Check out our assortment of Creative-Tonies below!

Looking for ideas for stories to add to your Creative-Tonie?

We've got your back! We've created some story texts for you, just in case you have a case of writer's block. Let the inspiration begin!

The brave Tim and the strong Greta

De dappere Tim en de sterke Greta

De kleine rode Ballon

Tim le courageux et Greta la forte

Der tapfere Tim und die starke Greta

Der kleine Luftballon

Adding songs and stories to your Creative-Tonie in the mytonies app:

Step 1: Open the mytonies app

Once the app is open and you’re logged in, tap ‘Shop’ at the bottom of the screen. Scroll all the way down to the ‘Free for you’ section – this is where you’ll find all our free songs and stories.

Step 2: Choose your freebie

When you’ve found what you’re looking for, tap the red cat head icon with the arrow.

Step 3: Choose your Creative-Tonie

A list of your Creative-Tonies will pop up. Tap the cat head logo next to the Creative-Tonie of your choice and your free content will be added to the playlist.

Step 4: Playlist perfection

From here you can rearrange the order of your playlist, and when you’re happy with it, tap ‘Done’ in the top right of the screen.

Step 5: Assign

A green checkmark will be displayed next to the picture of the Creative-Tonie(s) you have selected. Once you are done selecting the Creative-Tonies, tap on the red 'Assign' button.

Step 6: Sync and go

Before you can listen to your new songs and stories you’ll just need to sync your Toniebox. Give one of the ears a three second squeeze, or until the LED light flashes blue. When the Toniebox is ready it will play a chime and the LED will light up green to let you know. And that’s it! It really is easy as one, two, three. Happy listening!