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Discover more songs and stories in the mytonies audio library - all free to download! Did we mention we have content in Dutch, French, Spanish, German and English?

So what exactly are Creative-Tonies and what is the mytonies app, you say? Let us explain...

Looking for fun? Check out our assortment of Creative-Tonies below!

Looking for ideas for stories to add to your Creative-Tonie?

We've got your back! We've created some story texts for you, just in case you have a case of writer's block. Let the inspiration begin!

The brave Tim and the strong Greta

De dappere Tim en de sterke Greta

De kleine rode Ballon

Tim le courageux et Greta la forte

Der tapfere Tim und die starke Greta

Der kleine Luftballon

How to assign free content using the mytonies app:

Mytonies is an audio library filled with free, fun adventures and silly songs that you can load onto your Creative-Tonie! Curious and want to know how? Follow below!

Step 1: Open the mytonies app

Open the mytonies app and tap to open the 'Library' tab on the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Exploration

Now it's time to explore! Feel free to use the filters to browse through different genres and languages. When you've found something you'd like to assign to your Creative-Tonie, tap on the name of the content.

Step 3: Choose Content

If you would like to assign this content, tap on the red tonie logo with an arrow at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Select your Creative-Tonie

Next you'll be taken to a list of available Creative-Tonies that you can assign the content to. Note that only Creative-Tonies with sufficient space and Creative-Tonies that you have access to will be shown here. Simply select the Creative-Tonie you'd like to assign the content to.

Step 5: Assign

A green checkmark will be displayed next to the picture of the Creative-Tonie(s) you have selected. Once you are done selecting the Creative-Tonies, tap on the red 'Assign' button.

Step 6: Sync Toniebox

The free content is now assigned to your Creative-Tonie! Sync your Toniebox by simply turning on the Toniebox by pinching one of the Toniebox's ears for about 3 seconds until you hear a sound. The LED will begin flashing blue while your Toniebox updates. Next place the Creative-Tonie onto the Toniebox once the LED turns a solid green. The new content will then play and be downloaded simultaneously. Happy listening!

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