Summertime is Tonie time!

Summertime is Tonie time!

Tips & ideas for summer fun at home

Join us on a journey of discovery

Like many of you, the Creative-Tonie will be spending this summer at home. But this is far more exciting than you might think! There are still so many new things to discover just around the corner. Will you join us? We have put together a fun-filled package for you with ideas for summertime fun and entertainment at home.

Summer fun with the Tonies

Every week we put a spotlight on a new topic with which you can explore your home and your surroundings. From insect safari and fun with water to a big Tonie family party – find all sorts of ideas here!

Insect encyclopedia

Join us on an insect safari and see which creepy-crawly you encounter first. Download the instructions for making an insect encyclopedia here.

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Outdoor checklist

Find tips for outdoor and audio adventures here.

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Water ahoy!

What floats, what doesn’t float? A stone, a coin, a piece of wood, a paper boat? Find out for yourself! Here are the instructions for our mini water experiment.

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Download songs for free for the Creative-Tonie. Come sing and dance with us!

The Tonie song "Hey hear it too"

Together with Minimusiker from Münster and our in-house Tonie-Band, we produced our very first Tonie-Song. Listen to it and download the catchy tune for your Toniebox.

The German Tonie song "Hör gut zu"

Our fun-packed Tonie-Song is also available in German – handy if you want to learn a new language!


Cut, glue, have fun and be amazed with these top tips to relieve boredom.

Dress-up paper Tonie

Design your Tonie the way you like it. Simply print out the template, colour it in, cut it out and show off the Creative-Tonie in its new outfits.

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Make yourself an Easter garland and let spring come into the house: Just print out the template and follow the instructions.

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The best thing about Easter is going on an Easter egg hunt! Here are some tips for an exciting Sunday search party with your Creative-Tonie.

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Tonie recipe collection

Enjoy our collection of recipes for little treats that sweeten the time at home.

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Make an Easter Tonie

Would making your own Easter Tonie, with bunny teeth and ears, make you a happy bunny? Then let’s make one together! This works best with a Creative-Tonie Blank.

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Creative dice game

It’s your turn to get creative. These cute dice help you think up your own little stories about heroic firefighters, brave princesses and legend-arrrr-y pirates.

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My day with tonies

Can you fill all the blankets by the end of the day?

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Experimenting with Zog

Transform your home into a small laboratory and enjoy exciting experiments with zog.

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Games with Room on the Broom

Here you can have a lot of fun with Room on the broom favourite games.

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It’s time to concentrate – puzzles that bring young minds up to speed.


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Spot the difference

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Colouring pictures

Coloured pens, pencils or crayons at the ready – create your very own colourful Tonie-world!

Mandala princess

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Mandala pirate

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Mandala mermaid

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Painting by numbers

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Colouring Poster Tonies

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Superhero Boy and Girl

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The Tonellies

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Find stories for your ears: free audio content for your Creative-Tonies.

In this together – a children's audio book all about COVID-19

We've teamed up with children's author Giles Paley-Phillips to confront some of the most-asked questions children have at this time.

In our story, Rosie’s mum and dad are faced with the tricky task of explaining why she’s not in school due to the ‘microscopic bug’, why she’s not able to see her friends and how they can protect her grandparents and the elderly.

Storytime with tonies® at Play At Home Fest

Did you miss our storytime performance? No worries, you can now download both stories as an mp3 download for your Creative-Tonie.

Discover our range of Tonies and Tonieboxes