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Audiobook Favourites Tonie Collection



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Audiobook Favourites Tonie Collection

This collection of our favourite pre-school stories will captivate your kids and stimulate their imagination. The Audiobook Collection includes both classic and contemporary stories with Oi Frog, Miffy and the Snowman.

Oi Frog

Join Frog and his friends as they figure out the rules of sitting through the power of rhyme. Jam-packed with silliness, animals and read by comedian David Mitchell, each story will have children and adults roaring with laughter.
Running time: approx. 35 minutes


The young bunny Miffy is adventurous and loves learning about the world around her with best friends Grunty and Melanie. In ten small and big adventures Miffy and her friends learn to cope with difficult situations and discover new things. Many of us will remember Miffy from our own childhoods, and now she is here to be a part of the next generation of little ones too.
Running time: approx. 76 minutes


The Snowman
The book of the classic film. When the snow falls, magic fills the air. One snowy day a boy builds a Snowman and in the middle of the night the Snowman comes to life.
The Snowman and the Snowdog
The Snowman Flies again ... In the middle of winter, a little boy's Snowman and Snowdog come to life and take him on a breathtaking and magical adventure.
Running time: approx. 17 minutes

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List of titles

  1. 01 - Oi Frog!
  2. 02 - Oi Dog!
  3. 03 - Oi Cat!
  4. 04 - Oi Duck-billed Platypus!
  5. 05 - Oi Puppies!
  6. 06 - Oi Aardvark!
  7. 07 - Miffy Song
  8. 08 - Miffy and the Puddles
  9. 09 - Miffy and the Dragon
  10. 10 - Miffy and the Bird
  11. 11 - Miffy the Farmer
  12. 12 - Miffy and the Tennis Match
  13. 13 - Miffy the Fairy
  14. 14 - Grunty’s Ballet Lesson
  15. 15 - Miffy and the Leaves
  16. 16 - Miffy’s Camping Adventure
  17. 17 - Miffy’s Go-Cart
  18. 18 - The Snowman
  19. 19 - The Snowman and the Snowdog

Running Time

approx. 128 minutes

Age Recommendation

age 3+


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