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Tiny Tots Tales Tonie Collection


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Tiny Tots Tales Tonie Collection

Tune in to the Pre-School Story Collection 2 and discover the delights of Miffy, Spot and Masha and the Bear.


The young bunny Miffy is adventurous and loves learning about the world around her with best friends Grunty and Melanie. In ten small and big adventures Miffy and her friends learn to cope with difficult situations and discover new things. Many of us will remember Miffy from our own childhoods, and now she is here to be a part of the next generation of little ones too.
Running time: approx. 76 minutes


A Spring collection of ten classic Spot tales brought to life in audio! Join the mischievous puppy, Spot, once again as he embarks on more adventures with all his friends. A spring full of dressing up, playing together and making mess!
Running time: approx. 30 minutes

Masha and the Bear

Follow the forest adventures of a curious little girl named Masha and her caring friend the retired circus bear. Masha and the Bear is a funny and entertaining story about friendship, based loosely on a Russian fairy tale.
Running time: approx. 33 minutes

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List of titles

  1. Miffy Song
  2. Miffy and the Puddles
  3. Miffy and the Dragon
  4. Miffy and the Bird
  5. Miffy the Farmer
  6. Miffy and the Tennis Match
  7. Miffy the Fairy
  8. Grunty’s Ballet Lesson
  9. Miffy and the Leaves
  10. Miffy’s Camping Adventure
  11. Miffy’s Go-Cart
  12. Happy Birthday Spot
  13. Spot‘s New Game
  14. Spot Tidies Up
  15. Spot‘s Band
  16. Spot Dresses Up
  17. Spot‘s Horse
  18. Spot‘s Tent
  19. Spot‘s Favourite Toy
  20. Spot‘s Show and Tell
  21. Spot Plays Hide-and-Seek
  22. Song of Jams
  23. Red Riding Hood
  24. Song About Cleanliness
  25. By the Pike’s Wish
  26. Song of Three Wishes
  27. The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
  28. Coming Home Song
  29. Lullaby Song

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Running Time

approx. 133 minutes

Age Recommendation

age 3+


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