Dear Tonie-Friends,

with this new year come new Tonies that bring some fresh air and amazing stories to your Toniebox. Meet the four newest Tonies that will be available in February.

Axel, Tonie-Development

New Tonies in February

Princess Lillifee

Princess Lillifee

This sweet, little fairy is called Princess Lillifee. She lives in a magical flower palace with a large and beautiful garden, where lots of animals and plants live. The good-hearted Lillifee is so busy with helping her friends, that she almost forgets about her very first fairy ball!

A beautiful audio play with songs, narrated by the famous Kim Wilde.

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Favourite Classics

Robinson Crusoe and other classic stories

This little adventurer is Robinson Crusoe, who lived alone on a deserted island for many, many years. The parrot on his shoulder was the only one to keep him company. For little explorers this Tonie has four more exciting stories in store: Tom Sawyer, Aladdin, A Journey Around the World in 80 Days and The Secret Garden.

World literature for little ones ages three and up.

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Creative-Tonie Conductor

Please give a round of applause for our new Creative Tonie: The conductor is a real all-rounder because he can play whatever you want! Whether classical music, modern pop or even a story - you decide what is showing today.

Upload up to 90 minutes of audio to this Creative-Tonie - songs, audiobooks or even a recorded story - via Toniecloud or App.

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Hully Boo Spook'n Spell

Treasure hunt in the Museum / The Magic Championships

Hully Boo is a little ghost in training and is yet to learn a lot. Fortunately he has the bat Barthomolew by his side, the wise witch and ghost instructor.

The adventures of Hully Boo and Hedda Hex, witch in training and his good friend, are perfect to immerse into the world of audioplay for children 3 years and up.

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