"Dear Tonie-Friends,

spring is coming and we are looking forward to the first beams of sunlight, tender blossoms and the day our winter coats move back into the closet. But even more, we can't wait to welcome our new Tonies, which will be available from 5th of March. Check them out here!

Charlotte, Product-Development

New Tonies in March

Despicable Me

The Junior Novel

Meet Stuart, one of many little, yellow helpers that spend their lives serving one of the meanest supervillains on Earth. In order to keep that title, Gru has a plan: he wants to kidnap the moon!

The Junior Novel based on the famous movie and read by Tim Curry - audio fun the whole family will enjoy!

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Fireman Sam

The Pontypandy Pack

For over 30 years the brave Fireman Sam has been racing to the rescue in Pontypandy village. On this Tonie you will find 5 of the most popular episodes featuring the annual Pontypandy Cheese Roll Challenge, a contest for the most talented pet, a surprise involving a garden makeover, a very exciting day off and a barbecue out of control.

Exciting audio fun for little firefighters guaranteed!

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Creative-Tonie Easter Bunny

Please give a round of applause for our new Creative Tonie: The Easter Bunny is perfect to bring a little bit of spring atmosphere into your home. Whether funny easter songs, modern pop or even a story - you decide what's on your Creative-Tonie.

Upload up to 90 minutes of audio to this Creative-Tonie - songs, audiobooks or even a recorded story - via Toniecloud or App.

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