The new Tonies collector's poster is here for you!

There's always something going on at tonies®, because the selection of new Tonies is growing and growing. So that you don't lose track of which Tonies have already moved into your kid's room and what favourites you're still missing, we're really happy to present the Tonie collector's poster to you.

We have prepared the collector's poster in two sizes:

1. as two A 4 sheets to print out and stick together.
2. as one A 3 sheet so you don't need to glue.

Have fun searching and finding your favourite Tonies and discovering our other great new products!
You can download the new collector's poster here.

Tonie collector's poster A4
March 2020.pdf

Tonie collector's poster A3
March 2020.pdf

Have fun collecting!

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