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Introducing our Partner: Jselect

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Introducing the Toniebox:

1. This is a Tonie

Hand-painted, collectible characters with hours of songs to sing and stories to tell.

blue toniebox

2. This is a Toniebox

The musical storybox that brings kids’ favourite characters to life.

3. This is happy listening

Songs, stories and joy from breakfast until bedtime.

Happy Kids

  • They’re the boss The Toniebox is easy-peasy to use, kids just pop, tap, tilt and squeeze to navigate through the songs and stories, no screen time needed.

  • Soft and tough Soft enough for snuggle-time, strong enough for bumps and tumbles, the Toniebox really is toddler – and life – proof. It’s built to survive bumps and tumbles and designed to grow with your little listeners, keeping them entertained for years and years.

  • All their favourites Watch little faces light up as best-loved characters tell them a story or sing them a song. And with so many Tonies to choose from – they’ll never get bored. And nor will you.

Happy Parents

  • Safe with Parental Controls With the mytonies app, you control what your child hears. Child safety is our number one priority!

  • Screen-free fun The Toniebox was designed by parents to keep little ones entertained for hours, no screens in sight.

  • Educational Audio books are proven to be an excellent way to support your child's literacy through the development of listening skills and the expansion of vocabulary. We have a full array of Tonies to support your child's learning needs, from sing-along songs and counting songs for 3 years olds to full audio books for 6 year olds.

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Listen to the Toniebox now

Tonies are characters that hold a whole world of content, stories, music from an ever-growing collection.

Ready to try it yourself?

Click on a Tonie icon below and press play on the Toniebox to glimpse into the Tonie-world.

Peppa Pig



Toy Story

Peppa Pig
red toniebox

One little box. Countless big adventures.

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Snuggable + durable for hands-on kids

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Portable + available offline after setup

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Up to 7 hours battery time

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Headphone jack for quiet time

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Safe and secure with parental settings

Discover our bestselling tonies!

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Toy Story

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Lion King

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Peppa Pig

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Winnie the Pooh

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Mickey Mouse

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Toy Story 2

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The Little Mermaid

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Story

We created the Toniebox with one thing in mind: our kids. Because childhood should be a magical time full of big adventures.

From our dream to your home.

Marcus and Patric

tonies® founders

Explore the wonderful world of Tonies

Toniebox brings music and magic to family life