[EN] Felicity the Fish (1-3)

[EN] Felicity the Fish (1-3)

Felicity the Fish

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The Sweet Surprise
A heartwarming story about Felicity, a cheeky, cheerful fish who loves adventure. She loves playing hide and seek in the coral, synchronised swimming and playing the guitar – but her favourite thing in the world is eating sweets! She, her little sister, Debby, and her friend Robbie the octopus have lots of fun together, exploring, making music and often getting into trouble.

The Shellfish Band
Felicity, Debby and Ronnie start a band with Felicity on the guitar, Debby on vocals and Ronnie on the drums! Just in time to enter the Mussel Beach talent contest.

The School Rules
Felicity and Debby have started synchronised swimming lessons at school, but they just can't get the hang of it. They need to find a way to swim THEIR way.

Ab 4 Jahre


01 - The Sweet Surprise
02 - The Shellfish Band
03 - The School Rules

Ab 4 Jahre

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