The Tonies’ Code of Conduct

The Tonies’ Code of Conduct

Since day one, we’ve been on a mission. A mission to bring adventure and joy to our listeners from all around the world. To the young ones and the young-at-heart ones alike. But like every successful mission, our mission also requires us to stick to a master plan, not just for our business, but also for the way we do business. A plan for how we create new business partnerships and treat the ones we already have, and a plan for how we can conquer the world while caring for it at the same time.

Being on the same mission, building trust, credibility, and emotional connection is part of our DNA, or it is, as we like to call it, it is “toniehaft” or “tonie-wise.” This means being excited, friendly, diverse, open-minded, imaginative, playful, and active. But it also means acting with integrity and following the principles that we’ve put together in this, very un-toniehaft-named document – our Code of Conduct.

What is a Code of Conduct you might wonder?

What is a Code of Conduct you might wonder? Well, it is a set of rules – a code – that outlines how we believe a nice place to work should be; how Tonies should treat each other and the partners they do business with. It is a guideline for our actions, regardless of where we are or what we do, that is meant to assist you in making toniehaft decisions when it matters most.

And because we see tonies as one big family, we also believe that we carry the responsibility for our reputation and future together. We want to be judged by our actions, and therefore corruption, discrimination, and disrespect – for our values, our principles, and our mission – have no place in our world.

So, let’s all chip in to remain approachable, collaborative, upright, and joyful on our journey! And even when the going gets tough, let’s strive to find solutions and the right way forward together, so we can continue our toniehaft mission to bring joy and adventure to even more eager ears and hearts all around the world.

Thank you for being with us, we couldn’t do it without you.

Your Head-Tonie-Honchos,

Marcus Stahl and Patric Faßbender

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