My Brand New Bonus Mum (1-3)

My Brand New Bonus Mum (1-3)

My Brand New Bonus Mum

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The Upstairs Idol
Callie from Manchester loves to sing, but only when her father and two younger brothers are not at home. One day, she's singing, but then she hears the front door close shut. She's called downstairs where she meets Valeria, her father's new girlfriend. Callie is stunned when Dad announces that Valeria is going to be her stepmother, or "bonus mum" as Valeria prefers. Callie isn't sure about this, so Dad sends her and Valeria away on a trip together so that they can get to know each other.

Pier Pressure
Callie's new bonus mum, Valeria, takes her to Blackpool. They have an amazing day on the beach, eating rock and playing in the arcade. But somehow, they find themselves being chased by a scary criminal who's convinced they stole his bracelet!

A Towering Problem
Callie and Valeria make a lucky escape with the bracelet, but now they're on the run and they're being hunted by the mysterious Frankie Fatfingers. They're safe in their bed and breakfast for now... but Frankie's men are looking for them all over Blackpool. It's only a matter of time before they get caught!

Age 7+

List of titles:

01 - The Upstairs Idol
02 - Pier Pressure
03 - A Towering Problem
Age Recommendation

Age 7+

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