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When you put listening and playing together... something magical happens

The three steps to happy listening

That's right, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. This is a Tonie

Hand-painted, collectible characters with hours of songs to sing and stories to tell.

blue toniebox

2. This is a Toniebox

The musical storybox that brings kids’ favourite characters to life.

3. This is happy listening

Songs, stories and joy from breakfast until bedtime.

So easy to use a three year old can explain it...

So intuitive, a young child can use it all on their own, keeping them enthralled for hours and leaving you to get on with the boring adult stuff.

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Snuggable + durable for hands-on kids

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Portable + available offline after setup

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Up to 7 hours battery time

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Headphone jack for quiet time

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Safe and secure with parental settings

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Easy one time 2.4 GHz wifi setup

A friend for every adventure!

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One little box. Countless big adventures.

Say goodbye to bright screens, scratched CDs, and complicated controls. With Tonies, children can ignite their imagination and immerse themselves in storytelling and audio adventures. It's as simple as placing a tonie on the Toniebox, and the audio begins to play. With countless stories to hear, songs to sing, and whole worlds to explore, the possibilities are endless.

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