Let them dream... with tonies®

Hands up if you’re looking for stress-free snoozing and sleep-tight nights? Snuggle up with the magical Toniebox and turn those bedtime frowns upside down!

Get your Toniebox ready and level up your bedtime stories with Sleepy Friends.

Let them dream... with tonies®

5 Ways a Toniebox Makes Bedtime Easier - AND More Fun

New Sleep Friends

Getting ready for bed with Sleepy Rabbit

Sleepy Rabbit’s classical music and beautiful lullabies are ideal for winding down as the day comes to a close. Pop it on as you and your little ones begin getting ready for bed.

Listen to a bedtime story with Sleepy Bear

It’s time for that last bedtime tale of the day. Snuggle up with your little sleepy head and enjoy a feel-good, soothing story, narrated by a tender warm voice. *Available in English and German.

Fall asleep peacefully with Sleepy Sheep

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep… snore! Pop Sleepy Sheep on the Toniebox at the very end of your beloved bedtime routine and ten relaxing and soothing tracks will lull your snoozers right into dreamland.

Looking for an easy way to fill up your Creative-Tonie?

Easily create your own audiobook with the Readmio app! It has hundreds of stories that automatically add sounds and music while you read out loud.

When you are done it turns it into an audiobook so your little ones can listen to your voice anytime! Click here to read more about Readmio and how it works with Tonies. 

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Check out our favourite sleepy time Tonies!

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