Starter Set - Purple

Meet the Toniebox, your new favourite storytime friend.

Tonieboxes - Starter Set - Purple

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Totally indestructible*

*Well, almost. The Toniebox is squishable, snuggable and tough enough to withstand the bumps and tumbles that childhood throws at it – trust us. We tested it!

Screen free? Oh yes

With no screens, ads, cameras or mics in sight, the Toniebox was designed by parents to be completely safe for little listeners to operate on their own.

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Loved for years - Proven

The Toniebox is played with, on average, 148 times more than the average gifted toy. Our data proves your children will love their Tonieboxes for years, so rest assured- this is the best gift ever.

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7 hours of battery life

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Travel friendly

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Charging station

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Wifi enabled

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Headphone jack for quiet time

Make bedtime a breeze

Parents say the Toniebox has helped their little ones sleep better and made bedtime easy-peasy. The Toniebox does a brilliant job of telling that ‘one last story’ too.


Improve literacy skills

At tonies® HQ we love a fun fact, so here’s a goodie: did you know that listening to audiobooks helps improve literary skills and vocabulary? Add that to your list of reasons to love the Toniebox.

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The best travel buddy

The Toniebox is completely portable – it goes where you go! With up to seven hours of battery life and our accessories, it’s just the thing for a long flight or bumpy car ride. No more "are we there yet" questions.


Award winning and loved by millions families

Toniebox is winning awards left right and centre, but best of all we're loved by millions of families across the world!

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The Toniebox is the screen-free audio system, created by parents and loved by 3M+ children worldwide.

✓ Sold in English but available in German and French ✓ Free Shipping ✓ Set up easily with Wi-Fi ✓ Available on-the-go ✓ Up to 7hrs of battery life ✓ Soft, yet durable Parents use the Toniebox to reduce their child's screen time, to help their child fall asleep, to improve literacy, to keep them entertained for hours without a parent in sight. Explore our ever-growing range of Tonies for your Toniebox to continue your audio adventure. Create your own adventure with a Creative-Tonie which comes with every Toniebox. With 90 minutes of free space, you can customise your Toniebox adventure in any way.