Hip, hip, hurray

Hip, hip, hurray

New Tonies are here to stay

Now available for your Toniebox

Now available for your Toniebox

2 Disney classics

Tonies on Board

Tonies on Board

Free travel sticker for summer adventures

Introducing the new audio system that changes the way children listen to stories and music – it’s like nothing you've ever heard before.

Intuitive like child’s play, the easy-to-use Toniebox is perfect for all children from the age of three who want to listen, learn and laugh where- and whenever they feel like it.

The idea that brings listening and playing together:

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This ingeniously simple audio system that is truly child's play.

Grab a Tonie, pop it on the Toniebox and let your audio adventure begin. No complicated controls or confusing displays. It couldn't be easier.

1. One-time setup...
2. put the Tonie on top...
3. sit back and enjoy listening
4. Heard enough? Just take your Tonie off.
5. Ready for more? Simply put it back on.

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