[IT] Il trenino Thomas - L'ora delle storie

[IT] Il trenino Thomas - L'ora delle storie

Thomas & seine Freunde

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Questa raccolta comprende tredici delle più belle avventure di Thomas, la piccola locomotiva blu, e dei suoi amici sull’Isola di Sodor.
Vivi tante storie emozionanti, come la scoperta della Linea Magica e della locomotiva dorata Lady, la caccia al mostro della rimessa, le peripezie di Thomas sull'Isola Nebbiosa e il Ponte Traballante... e molte altre avventure!

Come on an exciting adventure with Thomas the Tank Engine, Gordon, James, Cranky, Diesel, Dexter, Henry and all of the other engines from the island of Sodor! Join the engines on a treasure hunt and dangerous rescue missions, solve ghostly mysteries and attend the coronation of the King of Sodor. Choo, choo! All aboard!

Thomas & Friends™ was created by Britt Allcroft, based on the "The Railway Series" by the Reverend W Awdry. Stories about the little blue engine and his adventures on the island of Sodor have been known and loved by children around the world since 1984. Thomas & Friends has a special place in the hearts of many and has been a fixture of children’s bedrooms, railways and bookshelves for many years. You can find Thomas & Friends on Netflix and YouTube – and now also as e-books and audiobooks.

Thomas and Friends and associated trademarks are owned by Mattel and used under license from Mattel Europa. © 2021 Mattel

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01 - Chapter 1
02 - Chapter 2
03 - Chapter 3
04 - Chapter 4
05 - Chapter 5

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