Alex the Rapping Parrot (1-3)

Alex the Rapping Parrot (1-3)

Alex the Rapping Parrot

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Searching for a new home
Alex, the macaw lives in Kwaaiet, a boring village where there is not much going on. He would love to rap and make music all day long, but the Boring Bird Gang won't let him. One day, when Alex does rap at the Fountain of Silence, he is banished from the village. He has to look for another house. Alex packs his bags and sets off to find a new place. Will he ever find a nice home, where he can be himself?

Searching for Kate
Alex is settling into his new home on the tropical island of Euphoria, but he really misses Kate. She hasn't replied to any of the messages he sent by carrier pigeon, so Violet convinces him that they need to go and find Kate in person. But that means travelling back to Kwaaiet, even though Alex was banished. Even worse, they might run into The Boring Bird Gang while they're there.

The Talent Show
One day, Alex is woken up by a huge commotion happening outside. Everyone on Euphoria is preparing to take place in the island's annual talent contest. Excited for the chance to show off, Alex takes Kate to Violet's house only to discover that Violet isn't going to take part because she doesn't think she has a talent. Alex knows better so it's up to him to find out exactly what Violet's talent is!

Age 7+

List of titles:

01 - Searching for a new home
02 - Searching for Kate
03 - The Talent Show
Age Recommendation

Age 7+

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