Edgar the Danceman (1-2)

Edgar the Danceman (1-2)

Edgar the Danceman


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Edgar and his new job
Edgar has lots of energy and he's always in a good mood. Or, at least, he normally is, but right now, he's just been fired from his job! He can't help it. Edgar has a secret: every time he hears music, it makes his body start to shake and move like crazy. He can't control it. He has to start dancing as if it's an allergic reaction. Not to worry, though, because Edgar finds work as a paramedic. He loves helping people in his new job, but what will he do next time he hears music? He doesn't want to get fired again!

The Danceman's road rage
Edgar has found a new job as a traffic conductor. It's perfect. No music; just the sounds of traffic. Even better, though... Olivia agrees to go on a date with him. Things are looking up! But how is he going to go on a date that doesn't involve any music?

Age 7+

List of titles:

01 - Edgar and his new job
02 - The Danceman's road rage
Age Recommendation

Age 7+

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