Felicity the Fish (4-6)

Felicity the Fish (4-6)

Felicity the Fish

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The Nervous Turtle
Felicity, Debby, Fin and Ronnie discover a mysterious creature while playing hide and seek in Coral Cove. What is it?

The Plankton Prank
Bored after being stuck indoors during a sea storm, Felicity and Debby start making prank calls to people in the neighbourhood. But will they get away with it or will someone get revenge?

The Big Shock
Felicity is fed up with her band's acoustic instruments. It's time to go electric! But when she places an ad in the paper asking for electric eels to help her out, she has no idea just how popular it will be. Soon, Coral Cove is completely overrun with electric eels and everyone is getting zapped left, right and centre! It's up to the gang to save the day.

Age 4+

List of titles:

01 - The Nervous Turtle
02 - The Plankton Prank
03 - The Big Shock
Age Recommendation

Age 4+

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