Lisa on the Houseboat (1-2)

Lisa on the Houseboat (1-2)

Lisa on the Houseboat

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Lisa and the carnival
Ten-year-old Lisa lives with her parents in a busy city. She wishes her parents were more adventurous, but her mother is always watching television and her father works on his laptop day and night. One day, a carnival arrives in the city and, amid the hustle and bustle, Lisa meets a dog, Goldie, who leads her to a pirate ship owned by Captain Noah. Next thing she knows, she's heading out to sea. Will her longing for adventure finally come true?

Lisa on the island
Lisa always wanted to go on an adventure and now that Captain Noah has set sail, forgetting she's on board his pirate ship, she's getting to go on one. Noah's parrot has discovered a strange new island and Noah knows it holds some sort of secret. They just need to find out what that secret is...

Age 7+

List of titles:

01 - Lisa and the carnival
02 - Lisa on the island
Age Recommendation

Age 7+

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