Toniebox: The #1 Audio System for Kids that Reduces Screen Time

the Toniebox sparks imagination and storytelling without screens, reducing screen time while keeping children entertained. Discover the magic now!

Explore the listen possibilities and enjoy playing time with tonies®.

The Toniebox helps cut down on screen-time.

One little box, endless possibilities

Improvise a family karaoke session, escape with your favourite heroes for the duration of a journey, enjoy a moment of relaxation before falling asleep or learn the language of Shakespeare... Our endearing figurines and their rich and varied audio content accompany children throughout their day, playing and learning, whenever and wherever they are.

96% of tonies® families have reduced their child's screen time.

Designed for little ears from 3 to 8 years old, the Toniebox and its endearing figurines - Tonies, invite children to listen, speak and discover kids' classics. Whether alone or as a family, share great moments together and never heard "I'm bored!" again.

Have a listen of your future playmates

Combining fun with education, the screen-free nature of the Toniebox has revolutionized the way children listen to stories and songs. Hit play and hear a sample of what a Tonie sounds like.



Favourite Children's Songs

Peter Rabbit

Peppa Pig

red toniebox

...Loved by parents.

  • Rich content for all age ranges With over 140 Tonies to collect, Toniebox offers a wide range of content for children aged 3 to 8.

  • Learning engine There's nothing like audio to introduce little ears to the pleasure of storytelling and stimulate language learning, from the earliest age.

  • Discover a new way to accelerate your child's speech with Tonies! Kids love mimicking the voices and sounds they hear in the stories. This playful imitation hones their ability to articulate sounds, improve pronunciation, and develop clearer speech.

...Loved by children

  • Screen-Free Delight Say goodbye to worries about screen time! Toniebox offers a refreshing alternative to digital devices, providing entertainment without the need for screens. Your child can immerse themselves in audio content, fostering active listening skills and reducing excessive screen exposure.

  • Screen-Free Bonding Toniebox opens up precious opportunities for family bonding. Gather around, listen to stories together, and share giggles over hilarious characters. It's a fantastic way to create lasting memories as a family.

  • Sparking Imaginations With an array of captivating audio stories and songs, they'll embark on thrilling adventures, meet quirky characters, and dream up their own magical tales.

Get Creative with Creative-Tonies!

With the help of Creative-Tonies and our mytonies app, the screen-free possibilities are endless! From recording your own voice to accessing our ever-growing audio library with multiple languages, your child can be entertained for hours!

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Free content with the mytonies app

To get the best from your Toniebox, you’ll need the mytonies app. It’s the home of all things… well, tonies®. Set up your Toniebox, personalise Creative-Tonies, control the volume and light settings and explore alllllll the free Tonies content, all in one place. 

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One little box. Countless big adventures.

Say goodbye to bright screens, scratched CDs, and complicated controls. With Tonies, children can ignite their imagination and immerse themselves in storytelling and audio adventures. It's as simple as placing a tonie on the Toniebox, and the audio begins to play. With countless stories to hear, songs to sing, and whole worlds to explore, the possibilities are endless.

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