Happy kids. Happy parents. Happy listening.

Bring hours of stories and years of joy to your little one’s life—and improve their speech in just four months. All with the Toniebox.

Customize your <em>Toniebox</em> Adventure

How it Works

1. This is a Tonie

Hand-painted, magnetic characters your little one will love. There are 200+ Tonies to choose from, each brimming with stories and songs.

blue toniebox

2. This is a Toniebox

It’s squishy. It’s snuggly. It’s totally tumble-proof. And kids can control it all by themselves.

3. This is happy listening

There will be singing. There will be stories. And your little one will learn all kiiiiinds of new words taught by superheroes and princesses!

Why Toniebox?

"If you don't have a Toniebox, I really couldn't recommend them enough. I give them all the time as gifts to friends. And literally all children seem to love them"

-Millie Mackintosh

Did you know?

150+ Tonies to choose from

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