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With our magical characters, captivating stories, and screen-free experience, Toniebox sparks imagination and brings joy to little ones everywhere.

Explore the audio possibilities and enjoy playing time with tonies®.

Bring joy to your family from breakfast to bedtime

Watch how the Toniebox works

Hit play and learn about the interesting secret that tonies and creative tonies bring. You'll see all the tumbles, dance parties and fun in between a day for your little listener.

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The three steps to happy listening

That's right, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. This is a Tonie

Hand-painted, collectible characters with hours of songs to sing and stories to tell.

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2. This is a Toniebox

The musical storybox that brings kids’ favourite characters to life.

3. This is happy listening

Songs, stories and joy from breakfast until bedtime.

Our ever-growing gang of Tonies. Fancy a listen?

Little ears with a passion for stories and songs are in for a treat! There's a Tonie for every stage of childhood: great classics from children's literature, superhero adventures, music and lullabies or even edutainment content... Choose a Tonie character below and then hit play to hear a snippet of their stories.


Peppa Pig



PJ Masks

Pippi Longstocking

Thomas the Tank Engine

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Hundreds of characters

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Songs, stories, learning

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Your Tonies can do more

Step into the world of premium Tonies® content with the mytonies app and explore our extensive library of audio experiences. MyTonies offers content in Danish, Swedish, Finish, English, German, Dutch and many other languages.

Be creative with Creative-Tonies

Creative-Tonies have up to 90 minutes of recordable space for you to upload your own content or the free content on mytonies. You can even create your own tracks using the app. Stories from Grandparents? Yes please. Dad jokes? Oh go on. There are a bajillion different ways to use them. Well, maybe not a bajillion. But it’s close.

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Free content with the mytonies app

To get the best from your Toniebox, you’ll need the mytonies app. It’s the home of all things… well, tonies®. Set up your Toniebox, personalise Creative-Tonies, control the volume and light settings and explore alllllll the free Tonies content, all in one place. 

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Don't just take our word for it...

A must-buy for parents

"Our children love their Toniebox. It gives them an opportunity to enjoy stories and songs without screentime. We often use our Toniebox for wind-down time ahead of bedtime – and it works a treat! It works really well at occupying one child while we’re tucking another into bed". - Sinead, Mum.

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How it works: Simply place one of our collectable Tonie figures on top of the Toniebox to experience your favourite stories and songs without a screen in sight.

How to set up the Toniebox: The Toniebox requires Wi-Fi to set up either via our mytonies app or online at my.tonies.com. Once set up, you can place any Tonie on top to experience the corresponding stories or songs. How to control the Toniebox: Simply place on Tonie on the Toniebox to play and remove the Tonie to stop playing. Tap the Toniebox on the right side to skip the tracks forward. Tap the Toniebox on the left side to skip the tracks backward. Pinch the small ear to turn down the volume. Pinch the big ear to turn up the volume. Tilt the Toniebox to the right to fast forward. Tilt the Toniebox to the left to rewind. How Tonies Work: Tonies are our collectable figures that store your child's favourite stories and songs. They are also hand-painted and magnetic, providing a more fun and tangible experience. Collect from dozens of childrens' favourites such as Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Disney classics. How Creative-Tonies Work: Creative-Tonies are designed for YOU to be in control. With up to 90 minutes of space, there are three main ways to use your Creative-Tonies: 1. Record your own voice notes directly to your Creative-Tonie with the mytonies app 2. You can upload your own .mp3 files 3. Last but definitely not least, you can explore our audio library found on mytonies to access free content in multiple languages! Download our mytonies app to set up your Toniebox, organize your Tonie collection, download free content to your Creative-Tonies and record your own stories on your Creative-Tonies. ✓ Set up easily with Wi-Fi ✓ Available on-the-go ✓ Up to 7hrs of battery life ✓ Soft, yet durable

.tonies.com/en-eu/ now ships to Finland, buy Toniebox and enjoy free shipping. my.tonies.com is offering free content in multiple languages and paid content in Finnish.