I’m Peppa Pig and this is my little brother, George!

Join us on our whirlwind of adventures with our friends and family. There's never a dull moment, and we're always learning and having a blast!

We've got Tonies from the Peppa Pig world in English, French, and German, but wait for it... there's more fun in store! You can magically transform your Peppa Tonies to speak in 5 extra languages! Dive deeper into this incredible feature below!

Peppa Pig

On the Road with Peppa Pig

The little pigs teach your kids valuable life lessons like the ABCs of friendship, strengthening family bonds, the art of travel & adventure and Spreading sunshine through giving back!

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On the Road with Peppa Pig

George Pig

Peppa Pig is back with ten exciting new adventures your preschoolers will love. Join Peppa, George and their family and friends with this new audio collection that features a full cast of familiar voices, music and special effects from the TV series Peppa Pig.

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George Pig

DE Die Ritterburg und 7 weitere Geschichten

A wild cab ride with Mrs. Mümmel, a fun music lesson with Madame Gazelle or a trip to the knight's castle with Schorsch, Mama Wutz and Papa Wutz - just put Peppa on your Toniebox and join her and her friends on 8 fun adventures.

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[DE] Die Ritterburg und 7 weitere Geschichten

DE Die schönsten Geschichten von Schorsch

Short stories for big piggy fans - Peppa is small, pink and loves mud puddles more than anything. And now her little brother Schorsch is coming. Experience great adventures with him and Peppa.

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[DE] Die schönsten Geschichten von Schorsch

Sur La Route Avec Peppa

It’s time to go on the road with Peppa Pig, George and their family! Our favourite pig is here with a new French audio collection of funny stories, music and special effects from the TV series for everyone to enjoy – perfect for any journey!

Language: French/Français

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[FR] Sur La Route Avec Peppa

Peppa Pig – in 7 new languages!

Peppa Pig and Schorsch are now already available in 3 different versions in German, English and French. But Peppa is now becoming even more international. From now on, Peppa's stories are also available in Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish and soon in Dutch in our audio library. But no matter in which language you listen to Peppa today: the oink remains the same!

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Peppa Pig - a heroine for the little ones

Peppa Pig tells entertaining and child-friendly stories that help children better understand their environment and empathize with others. Peppa, Schorsch, Mama and Papa Wutz experience exciting everyday adventures, such as a visit to the doctor, a trip to the fair or the first day of school. In addition, the characters are lovingly designed and easy to understand, which attracts children and helps them develop empathy for others.

Over 60 more short stories in our audio library. For your Peppa Pig Tonie, you'll find numerous episodes in our audio library on mytonies, each comprising several short stories. So it stays varied!


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Explore Peppa Pig Tonies at Tonies eu Shop!

Are you a Peppa Pig fan looking for a delightful and educational audio experience for your little one? Look no further than tonies® EU Shop! Our collection of Peppa Pig Tonies brings the beloved piglet and her friends to life in three languages: English, German, and French. Let's dive into the world of Peppa Pig and discover how you can enjoy these fantastic Tonies and more!

Peppa Pig Tonies in THREE Languages

At tonies® EU Shop, we offer Peppa Pig Tonies in English, German, and French. These Peppa Pig Tonies allow your child to enjoy their favorite pig adventures in the language that suits them best. It's a fun and engaging way to encourage language development.

Paid Content for Learning in Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Polish

In addition to our multilingual Peppa Pig Tonies, tonies offers a wide range of paid content that can be assigned to your Peppa Tonie(s). This content includes educational and entertaining audio in Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish and Dutch. With these options, you can create a customized learning experience for your child in their preferred language.

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