Five reasons the Toniebox is the best gift EVER

The Toniebox is a robust musical storybox that puts kids in control, and brings songs, stories and joy to every moment of the day.

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1. It’s played with way more than your average toy

The Toniebox is played with 148 times more than other toys, according to our clever research. That’s a loootttt of tales and tunes. And a lot of bang for your buck.

2. FACT: It’s loved for years (and years and years)

Goodbye long-forgotten toys, hello Toniebox. With songs and stories designed for all ages, the Toniebox grows with your child – just change up the Tonie characters as they get older.

3. Proven to reduce screen time - yay!

Too much screen time? We’ve got you covered. 96% of our tonies ® families have reduced time spent on tablets and TV significantly since their Toniebox arrived. It’s designed to put little adventurers in control, keeping them engaged and entertained for ages – no screens needed.

4. No more bedtime battles

Join 91% of families that are enjoying breezier bedtimes. There’s less negotiations, less fighting and more quality time spent together as a family. Little listeners happily drift off to sleep listening to white noise, lullabies or that ‘one last story’.

5. Learning made fun.

According to the clever folk at The National Literacy Trust, listening to audiobooks improves vocabulary and literacy skills. In fact 92% of parents are hearing big improvements in their kids’ speech

Want to know how it works?

Bundle and save up to 20%

Build your own Toniebox bundle!

Build your own Toniebox bundle! Choose from three bundle options that best fit your family. Each bundle comes with a Toniebox, Creative-Tonie and up to 5 Tonies of your choice.

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A Tonie for all ages

With over 120 hand-painted Tonies to choose from, the Toniebox grows up with your child. It’s the gift that keeps on giving


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