Meet the Toniebox, the invincible musical storybox they control & will love for years



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Totally indestructible*

*Well, almost. The Toniebox is squishable, snuggable and tough enough to withstand the bumps and tumbles that childhood throws at it – trust us. We tested it!

Screen free? Oh yes

With no screens, ads, cameras or mics in sight, the Toniebox was designed by parents to be completely safe for little listeners to operate on their own.

Loved for years - Proven

The Toniebox is played with, on average, 148 times more than the average gifted toy. Our data proves your children will love their Tonieboxes for years, so rest assured- this is the best gift ever.

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Happiness - guaranteed

Our customers love the Toniebox and we believe you will, too! That’s why we offer a 100-Day Happiness Guarantee. If you and your little listener are not completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund within 100 days of purchase.

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7 hours of battery life

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Travel friendly

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Charging station

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Wifi enabled

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Headphone jack for quiet time

One little box. Countless ways to play.

Early-morning kitchen discos. School-run stories. Bedtime lullabies. Your Toniebox is here to help you rock the routine

Make bedtime a breeze

Parents say the Toniebox has helped their little ones sleep better and made bedtime easy-peasy. The Toniebox does a brilliant job of telling that ‘one last story’ too.

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Improve literacy skills

At tonies® HQ we love a fun fact, so here’s a goodie: did you know that listening to audiobooks helps improve literary skills and vocabulary? Add that to your list of reasons to love the Toniebox.

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The best travel buddy

The Toniebox is completely portable – it goes where you go! With up to seven hours of battery life it’s just the thing for a long flight or bumpy car ride. No more "are we there yet" questions.

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Loved by critics far and wide

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Best of all the Toniebox is adored by over 5 million families across the world.

That’s a looooottt of families. Imagine packing lunches for that many people?

Got questions? We’ve got answers

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Build your own bundle and save

You can build your own bundle with a Toniebox, Creative-Tonie and up to 7 Tonies of your choice – like a pick n’ mix, and save £30! Or just snap up one we’ve put together for you – we’ve got everything from Disney, Donaldson Classics to the Paw Patrol Crew and more.

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Welcome to Tonies UK: Your Ultimate Source for Toniebox and Tonies Characters

Looking for the perfect interactive audio toy that will ignite your child's imagination and bring joy for years to come? Look no further than Tonies UK! This is not just an ordinary audio player. Oh no! This is a tale-telling, imagination-igniting, vocabulary-super-sizing, hip-wiggling, story-time-snuggling, joy-bringing, toe-tapping, adventure-seeking, sweet-dreaming, drop-it-down-the-stairs-and-watch-it-BOUNCE musical storybox. Brace yourself for the wonder that awaits!