Meet the Toniebox.

"An extra pair of hands in your classroom."

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Tonies for teachers

Tonies and teachers are like two peas in a pod.

We share a common mission: to help little ones get the best possible start in life. That’s why we’re dedicated to supporting schools and nurseries to help children learn through the power of audio. We’re offering 15% off Toniebox starter sets exclusively for teachers.

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Listening to Tonies has a cumulative impact on the lives of children.

The National Literacy Trust have researched the important link between audio and vocabulary, their report is here.

“During lockdown, more than half of children said listening to audiobooks increased their interest in reading and 2 in 5 said it made them more interested in writing.”

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Case study from All Hallows School, Yorkshire

Read the case study on Tonieboxes in classsrooms here, from All Hallows School, West Yorkshire

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Using the Toniebox in the classroom

See how nursery and school children use and enjoy the Toniebox in their classrooms.

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Screen-free, portable, robust audio players filled with music, stories and educational content.

Using a Toniebox in Your Classroom

Some children hear over 21,000 words per day, while others hear less than 6,000. That word gap often predicts future success as literacy skills are the foundation for learning. Reading a book and listening to an audiobook are two paths that lead to the same destination.

Toniebox is award-winning

Check out some of the awards Toniebox has won in 2021