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Check out our Easter Guide!

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Put a Tonies twist on your Easter!

From baking tasty bunny treats to using your Creative-Tonie for an Easter Egg hunt, we've put together all our favourite things for you to enjoy as a family.

Steps to Storytelling

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Steps to Storytelling

The guide, which is available to download for free, has been developed to support parents nurture language development in their children, highlighting key storytelling milestones for young children.

Build children's literacy skills with the Toniebox

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Digital Audio players in Key Stage 1

Key findings from the recent National Literacy Trust research into how interactive listening can improve children's learning and development!

General press information

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Press kit tonies®

An innovative concept, inspired by children's adventurous spirit; the Toniebox. A child-friendly, screenless audio system that was developed by a father solving an everyday problem for his children.

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Factsheet tonies®

For audio-fans and techies; the Toniebox and Tonies is full of smart technology and intuitive controls. Find all the facts on the "specs" right here.

Current press releases

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June 2019 Product Release

Brand new Tonies in 2019 June Launch. For the first time in English language. Popular Sony licenses translated for the UK now available for the Toniebox.

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Disney hops on the Toniebox

New licenses joining the Tonieverse. Disney is teaming up with tonies to bring childhood favourites to the Toniebox.

[en-uk]_Press_The Witching Hour_Bedtime is precious time

The Witching Hour - Bedtime is precious time

Bedtime routines and reading aloud. New studies show the importance of spending quality family time, away from screens and how the Toniebox can support.


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The creators of the Toniebox

[en-uk]_patric marcus interaktion

The creators of the Toniebox

[en-uk]_patric mit roter box

Patric Faßbender

[en-uk]_marcus mit blauer box

Marcus Stahl

[en-uk]_Toniebox tower

Toniebox in six colours

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Toniebox Starter Sets

[en-uk]_Toniebox red

Toniebox Red

[en-uk]_Toniebox grey

Toniebox grey

[en-uk]_Toniebox blue

Toniebox light blue

[en-uk]_Toniebox purple

Toniebox purple

[en-uk]_Toniebox Pink

Toniebox pink

[en-uk]_Toniebox green

Toniebox green

[en-uk]_girl purple toniebox

Toniebox and The Gruffalo Tonie in Living Room

[en-uk]_boy girl red toniebox

Toniebox Starter Set red with Creative-Tonie in play room

[en-uk]_boy grey tonieboxes

Audio playtime with the Toniebox and Tonies in kid's room

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Listening, learning, playing with the Toniebox and Tonies