Creative and fun Tonie storage hacks and ideas

Need a place for all their new Tonies? If your little Tonie fan has quite the collection (that’s currently sprawled across the floor after hours of playing), then you might be searching for a space-saving miracle. But how - and where - are Gruffalo, Elsa and Peppa all supposed to live together?

Published 27/12/23 by Amy Blanchard

Creative and fun Tonie storage hacks and ideas

Let’s get inspired with these ten creative shelves and storage hacks, all available from the high street, IKEA and Amazon. Mrs Hinch, eat your heart out!


This pegboard lets you get creative with its customisable add-ons like mini shelfs, clips and bags. All the add-ons are easy to attach anywhere on the pegboard so little ones will be able to move their Tonies when and wherever they like - with no tools needed. The pegboard comes in a range of sizes but even the smallest one has enough room to hold the Toniebox too!

Amazon NOR28 Shelves:

These shelves are ideal for larger Tonie collections, holding up to 33 characters. Thanks to the magnetic strip, you can be sure their Tonies are safe and sound. Both the cloud shelf and house shelf design have room for the Toniebox and charger too. Psssst you’ll find a hidden cut out underneath the Toniebox holder that perfectly fits the charger. Stylish, fun and practical!



This wall shelf is one of the most popular options across the tonies® crew and for good reason. At just £8, it’s a super affordable solution and there’s plenty of room for loads of Tonies. Kiddies will love the three small ladders their Tonies can use to climb up and down the shelves for some fun imaginative play. This shelf is made out of wood so if you want to keep the Tonies secure, you could add some metal tape or metal plates.


Dunelm Themed Shelves:

A super fun option for Disney or Marvel fans. Pick from Mickey or Minnie, Marvel or Disney Princesses. Perfectly sized for growing Tonie collections and ranging from £20 to £40. You could add some metal tape to the shelves to keep them extra secure. Just imagine their Disney Princess Tonies displayed on a Disney Princess Shelf - cuuuuute alert!


IKEA SNUDDA Lazy Susan Serving Platter:

The turning function in the base of this serving platter means children can easily browse and access all their Tonies. It’s worth adding some metal tape or metal plates to this so that the Tonies don’t go flying when they spin the platter though. This is also a great option if you don’t want to mount any storage to the walls, we think it would look pretty stylish placed on top of a cabinet in their bedroom.

IKEA FLISAT Dolls House and Wall Shelf:

Turn a house into a home for their Tonies with this dollhouse that can be mounted to the wall. To keep their Tonies extra secure, you could add some metal tape or metal plates and then place the Tonies on top. And if you want to get extra crafty, you could kit it out with dollhouse miniature room set ups. Their Tonies will feel right at home in no time.


For the major Tonie fans this movable trolley offers sooooo much space and allows kids to use it wherever they like in the house. It’s also made of metal which means the magnetic Tonies will stick anywhere on the trolley. You could use one shelf for the Toniebox and charging station, the second shelf for Tonies and the third shelf for travel accessories. Or if you have two Tonie fans, they could easily share this storage with one Tonie shelf each.

tonies® Official Shelves:

Put your Tonies centre stage with our own range of shelving in three different styles - mountain, rainbow and cloud. Designed to hold up to 25 characters and their Toniebox all in one place.

An old cake tin:

We love this genius storage hack that lets old cake tins step up to the plate! As Tonies are magnetic, they will stick to either the inside or outside of the tin and make a fun display (that’s virtually free!). You could let little crafters go wild with decorating before mounting on the wall or displaying on a cabinet.


DIY Shelves:

It’s soooo easy to turn any existing shelf or display cabinet in your home into Tonies storage with some metal tape.

Here’s a Tonie-tastic tip for you - try to keep Tonie storage at their level, so they’re within reach for playtime and tidy time. We love to see our tonies® crew get creative when storing their collections. Share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging @tonies_uk

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