5 ways to nail nap time with the Toniebox

Nap time. Getting it right can be quite the conundrum. Hands up if you've spent hours walking round and round the park, or found yourself driving half way across the country just to get those not-so-sleepy snoozers to fall asleep? Trust us, you're not alone!

Published 01/09/23 by Amy Blanchard

5 ways to nail nap time with the Toniebox

So, for those of you nodding along (in agreement, or with exhaustion) we've got some tried and tested tips to help you nail nap time for good...

Try white noise 

The days when baby will fall asleep, everywhere and anywhere are blissful but short-lived. Before you know it their eyes will ping open at every little noise and they’ll need a quiet spot to sleep. For most of us, total silence during nap time is impossible. The dog barks, their big brother or sister shouts, the door goes… you know how it is! If this sounds familiar, then our White Noise Tonie is just the thing you need. For the littlest of listeners, white noise mimics the sound of the womb to create a soothing environment. And for bigger listeners, the continuous sound of white noise helps to mask those unexpected noises.

Black it out  

Just as little snoozers probably won’t nap well in a noisy room, they’re unlikely to drift off to the land of nod in a brightly lit room either. Enter black out blinds. Blinds or curtains that block the light come in handy by offering a way to darken their room in the daytime. For those on-the-go naps, you can find shades for the car and pushchair that block out light and let you create a dark, cosy environment for nap time, even when you’re not at home. Did you know that children are actually more sensitive to light than grown ups? It’s true!

Steer clear of screens 

The blue light emitted from TVs, tablets and phones actually delays sleepiness, so try to avoid those over-stimulating screens pre-nap time if possible. Our stories like Paddington, Lion King and Toy Story, bring all of the movie magic, just with none of the screen time.

Borrow from bedtime  

Take some of your sleepy-time cues from bedtime and try reading them the same book or listen to the same Tonie at the time you are planning to put them down for their nap. That extra bit of ritual might be all they need to give in to the zzz’s. Staying consistent with your routine, when you can, is also really helpful. The more you keep consistent, like the time they nap or whether they have a feed, the more they’ll associate those things with sleep. It helps signal to their bodies that it’s time to snooze.

Read the signs

Watch for those sleepy cues. Yawning, rubbing eyes, staring, sucking fingers - these are all their signs that it may be time for a nap.

So you’ve missed the boat for nap time, what do you do if they’re now overtired?Sometimes, even with the best intentions, we miss the sweet spot and little ones become overtired. When this happens, they may fight that nap they desperately need. Try giving these steps a try…

  • Go to a quiet room

  • Dim the lights

  • Turn screens off

  • Turn on white noise or relaxing sounds on the Toniebox 

  • Help to sleep with rocking or feeding

Naps are important for your little one’s development to help them grow big and strong! Plus, it gives you a little bit of much-needed downtime to regroup or relax. We hope with our handy tips, naps will turn from nightmares into dreams before you know it…

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