Sing-along with JJ and the CoComelon Tonies

Join JJ and the CoComelon Crew for a hip-wiggling good time. Packed full of favourite nursery rhymes and songs, the CoComelon Tonies are perfect for singing, learning and playing.


CoComelon Tonies


Discover the musical world of CoComelon, home to JJ and his family. Join them for everyday adventures as JJ and friends explore and learn through relatable situations and toe-tappingly good songs.

Age 3+

Approx. 65 min.

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Outdoor Adventures with JJ

JJ and the Cocomelon crew are set to explore the great outdoors with a whole hour of toe-tapping, head-bopping songs. Get ready for songs all about animals, the weather and more.

Age 3+

Approx. 60 min.

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Outdoor Adventures with JJ

Getting Ready with JJ

Join JJ and his friends and family as they flex their fingers with the ‘Finger Family’ song, tuck into hot cross buns, head off for nap time, tidy up after playtime with the ‘Tidy Up’ song and jump on the bed with ‘Five Little Monkeys’. There’s a song for every moment throughout the day.

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Getting Ready with JJ

About Cocomelon

Here at tonies® HQ, we know that when you sing something, you remember it. So what better way for kids to learn about the world around them than by singing about it?

Enter CoComelon, the undisputed giant of the toddler entertainment industry. Home to JJ, Cody and the rest of the crew, the CoComelon world is filled to the brim with songs, music and fun.

Little listeners are introduced to important learning concepts like routines, numbers, colours, sharing, healthy habits, kindness, relationship building and the world around them, through catchy tunes that 100% will be stuck in their (and your!) heads for ever more. It’s learning at its most joyful and you’re invited to join the fun.

With 60 songs across three different CoComelon Tonies, there’s a tune for everything, from bedtime and bathtime to heading off to visit the doctor. They’re perfect for popping on in the background of playtime, or having in the car when you need a little sing-along to keep them entertained.


Why choose Cocomelon Tonies?

Songs, music, fun and games – CoComelon tunes are catchy and memorable, just the thing for the soundtrack to their childhood.

Learning made fun

Numbers, colours, friendships and routines – all of life's important lessons are covered in toe-tapping songs across our three CoComelon Tonies.


Screen-free learning

Cocomelon Tonies provide a tangible, no-screen alternative to storytime, reducing passive screen exposure while still engaging children with their favorite characters and melodies. This helps in developing a healthier media consumption habit from an early age.


Collect them all!

With a variety of Cocomelon characters and stories available as Tonies, children can collect their favorites and look forward to new releases. This ongoing engagement helps reinforce learning and maintain interest in educational content.


What makes Cocomelon Tonies different?

Aside from the catchy toe-tapping music and fun characters, JJ and crew exist in a world that is relatable to our little listeners. Their days are filled with routines and school, their outings are similar and they love the same things. It’s a world kiddos can understand and see themselves in. Combine this with the memorable music and songs and the CoComelon Tonies became an active sensory experience, boosting learning, comprehension and listening.


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About Cocomelon

"Cocomelon" is a popular animated children's television series known for its vibrant characters, catchy songs, and educational content. Created by Treasure Studio Inc., the show follows the adventures of a diverse family including JJ, his siblings, and parents, as they navigate everyday life experiences. Each episode features engaging nursery rhymes and original songs, reinforcing early learning concepts such as numbers, colors, shapes, and more. With its colorful animation and relatable storytelling, "Cocomelon" captivates young audiences worldwide, offering entertainment and educational value. The series has garnered immense popularity on digital platforms like YouTube, where it has amassed billions of views, making it one of the most-watched children's programs globally. Through its combination of entertainment and learning, "Cocomelon" continues to be a favorite among families seeking engaging content for preschoolers.