It starts with the ears

It starts with the ears

Listening, playing, learning

Why listening is so important

It all begins with the ears. Listening forms the basis of early childhood language development, learning and, as the child grows up, reading and expression. Toniebox, the smart audio system for children, turns listening into an exciting experience in itself.

Making listening child’s play

Amidst today’s increasingly hectic pace of life, our child-friendly Toniebox with intuitive controls aims to create more space for focused and undisturbed audio experiences.
After all, listening to stories and music isn’t just important for language development. It also stimulates the imagination and creativity, invites young minds to dream and opens doors to new adventures and unknown worlds.
Check out our handout for a brief summary of exactly how the Toniebox and Tonies awaken little ones’ interest in listening and bring more fun to everyday learning.

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Lend an ear to the professionals

Who knows best what’s important for children in everyday learning and playing? We asked childminders what they like best about our audio system and what educational potential they see in the Toniebox and Tonies.

‘The Toniebox offers a screen free, child-led experience which is a combination I love. Offering children freedom of choice and control over their own decisions is important.’

Lisa from theearlyyears

‘The design of the box is so carefully thought out for little hands, soft and robust, I don’t have any concerns that my daughter will damage it or hurt herself.’

Lisa from busy_busy_learning

‘Don't get me wrong we still love reading together, but the Toniebox provides the audio story which in turn helps them to want to read independently along to the speaker.’

Maddy from mayasmoonplay

‘I often have it out first thing for the children to explore in the morning, during crafting sessions and we are even taking it out on our adventures.’

Hannah from childcare_adventures

Endless new ways to listen and play

Our Tonies not only offer a wide range of educationally valuable stories and songs for movement and play, but also give children the opportunity to get creative themselves.

Combined listening and seeing:

A Creative-Tonie with a self-recorded story reads what your child can see in the book in front of them.

Recording music and audio books:

The Creative-Tonie plays what the group has rehearsed together.

Encouraging independence:

Children can decide for themselves which Tonie they want to listen to and operate the Toniebox alone.

Making listening a game:

The Creative-Tonies are great inspiration for group games – guess the sounds, rhymes, drum to the rhythm, sound memory and much more.

Keep your ears open for news!

We are convinced that the Toniebox can be used in a variety of creative ways in class- and playrooms. Now you've read all about our ideas, we'd love to hear from you! Let us know about all of your suggestions, ideas and questions.

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