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Love Tonies? Pass the magic on. Share your unique code with friends and family to get £15 off their Toniebox, and we'll send you a £15 voucher.

Make sure you follow our fairer sharing guidelines below.

Our fairer sharing guidelines

We know that we’re onto something great with tonies® and we want everyone to join the party! Which is why we love it when you invite your friends and family. But please keep your referrals codes to just that – friends and family.

Share your code

Your referral code can be found above or by logging into your account. Please ensure you do not share on: tonies® social media posts, pages, or advertisements. Any codes found on promo sites, coupon sites or any other third party sites like eBay will be automatically deactivated.

They get £15 off

Now you've shared the magic, your friend can purchase their Toniebox or bundle on using your unique code.

You get £15 off

Time to save! Once your friend has received their order we will send you a voucher for £15 off your next purchase. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, and the minimum order value is £25.*

What will you choose?

Whether it's headphones for on the go, new Tonies to grow your collection or a shelf to display - save more when you refer a friend.

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Refer a friend

If you're happy and you know it, share the love! Sign up to mytonies today to give your friends and family £15 off Tonieboxes & Bundles, as a reward we'll send you a £15 off voucher code to spend on

*This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts. Please note that from March 15, 2023, the minimum order value for the thank you code will increase to £25.