Introducing our Sleepy Sheep Night Light

Designed to make bedtime dreamy and help little snoozers wind down, snuggle up and drift off. Combining 90 minutes of beautifully composed melodies and a warm glow with the ability to record your own bedtime tales and messages. It's just the thing not-so-sleepy heads (and their very-sleepy parents) need. 


sleepy friends

More than just a Night Light

The Sleepy Sheep Night Light is a comforting presence throughout the night, helping little sleepy heads fall right back to sleep all on their own if ever their dreams are interrupted.

A calming light on or off your Toniebox

Soothe little ones with 4 dimmable brightness levels and help them wake-up right the 30 minutes sleep-timer.

Say "night-night" to sleepy heads

No matter how near or far, you can record and play a bedtime message using your mytonies app.

Bedtime doesn't get much better

With a rechargeable battery for 100 hours of dreamy music and magical melodies.

A dreamy trio for a blissful bedtime

The Sleepy Friends trio is here to help you create a calm and soothing atmosphere at every stage of your bedtime routine. Little ones will drift off to sleep feeling sleepily relaxed and surrounded by love.

Listen to a bedtime story with Sleepy Bear

It’s time for that last bedtime tale of the day. Snuggle up with your little sleepy head and enjoy a feel-good, soothing story, narrated by a tender warm voice.

Fall asleep peacefully with Sleepy Sheep

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep… snore! Pop Sleepy Sheep on the Toniebox at the very end of your beloved bedtime routine and ten relaxing and soothing tracks will lull your snoozers right into dreamland.

Getting ready for bed with Sleepy Rabbit

Sleepy Rabbit’s classical music and beautiful lullabies are ideal for winding down as the day comes to a close. Pop it on as you and your little ones begin getting ready for bed.

Pssst…have a listen

Our Sleepy Friends have all been carefully curated to help create the bedtime of dreams. Each Sleepy Friend has a different collection of songs or stories specifically chosen to help ease little ones into a state of calm and sleepiness. Tap on each one to have a listen.

Sleepy Friends

Sleepy Friends

Sleepy Friends

Bedtime Stories with Sleepy Bear
red toniebox

Our daughter can't do without her Sleepy Sheep. She puts it on her box every night before crawling into bed. It has become our new bedtime routine around here.

Emma, Mother to 3 year old Alice

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Blissful bedtimes take planning

Little ones love routine. Familiarity and predictability bring them comfort and security, which in turn leads to them feeling secure, safe and content. A good, calming bedtime routine can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one. As parents, we have the privilege of closing out the day with our children, Sleepy Friends is here to help you embrace that opportunity and make your bedtime routine as calming and sacred as can be.

Why set up a bedtime routine?

Better sleep, better bodies

Children need good quality sleep, and they need enough of it – between ten and twelves hours in fact. Their little bodies are working extra hard at learning how to be little humans and it’s exhausting and overwhelming, both physically and mentally. Their brains need the zzz to sort through the happenings of the day and work on their next developmental milestone, while their bodies need the rest so they can grow big and strong. Without good sleep they’ll struggle to concentrate and control their emotions and their physical growth might even be stunted. Teaching your little ones how to sleep and helping them get enough sleep is a truly wonderful gift that enables them to cope much better with their days. Good sleep habits start with a calming bedtime routine – and Sleepy Friends are here to help you get started with that.

The importance of sleep for children

Loved by 5 million families world wide

The tonies ® family is growing every day! Little listeners and their parents all over the world are enjoying songs, stories and fun, from breakfast ‘till bedtime.

Say hello to the Toniebox

This is the Toniebox, the magical, musical storybox that brings joy to every moment of the day, from breakfast ‘till bedtime. But especially bedtime! Paired with the trio of Sleepy Friends Tonies your bedtime routine never sounded so dreamy. Just pop the Tonies on the Toniebox and snuggle in as your little snoozers happily drift off to the land of dreams.

The Toniebox, the little theatre of big dreams

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