The clever box full of audio fun

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This is where the magic happens

Meet the Toniebox, your entry ticket to a whole new world of adventures and audio fun for children. Once downloaded, always ready to play.

See what the Toniebox is made of

Soft enough to cuddle, tough enough for really hands-on children!

Even the controls make you smile

Just squeeze an ear to change the volume.

Tap the sides to switch chapters…

…and tilt to fast-forward or rewind.

A box packed with possibilities

The Toniebox is bursting with creative energy - something people seem to feel immediately when holding it in their hands the first time.
Marcus Stahl, Inventor and founder of tonies®

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Listen, sing or tell your own tale, your Toniebox is up for everything

Your perfect travel companion

With space for lots of stories that can be played even without Wi-Fi access and 7 hours of battery life, your Toniebox is ready to tackle just about any journey with you.

Goes to sleep when you do

Once your bedtime story has finished, the Toniebox will automatically turn itself off and go to sleep as well. No need to interrupt the sweetest of dreams just to push a tedious little button ever again.

This box gets started right away

Your Toniebox is ready when you are. Your audio content begins to play immediately, while all remaining content is simultaneously downloaded in the background.

Child’s play, even for parents

With your online Toniecloud account, you can easily adjust the Toniebox settings like maximum volume, or access rights and privileges within seconds, making sure your children only get out of their Toniebox what they’re supposed to.

Now pop on your favourite Tonie and let the fun begin!

You can listen to something different at any time. Just change Tonies and jump between audiobooks, music or even educational stories.