The Toniebox. Screen reducing. Speech boosting.

Toniebox - Red

The storybox with all this packed in

Free Tonie figure included

100-Day Free Trial

Soft, huggable and tumble-proof

Beat boredom with hours of free stories

Kids can use it themselves

200+ hand-painted figures to collect

Perfect for any journey

2 Year Warranty

Meet your FREE Creative-Tonie

All Tonieboxes include a Creative-Tonie character packed with preloaded songs and stories to keep kids smiling from breakfast 'till bedtime. Customise your character's audio at any time in a few clicks using the mytonies app.

Every Toniebox comes with a free Creative-Tonie! Did you know that you can record your own stories and upload free audio content from our library on the app to your Creative-Tonie? Come join the fun!

Growing up with Tonies

From songs & stories to podcasts and more - there's always something they'll adore.

Bundle up & Save

Pick out a little crew to come home with you

Toniebox + Creative-Tonie

Toniebox + Creative Tonie + 3 Tonies

Toniebox + Creative Tonie + 5 Tonies

Toniebox + Creative Tonie + 7 Tonies

Join 7+ million happy families

Lots of joy for little people

Improve speech in just four months

Play a few Toniebox stories each day and your child will hear 100's of new words. It's proven to boost their speech and reading skills in only four months.

Make bedtime a breeze

No, really. Parents say the Toniebox helps kids wind down and drift off. Pop a sleepy Tonie on to set a snoozy mood with lullabies, stories, white noise and more.

Take them places

Brings stories and music on your travels. Their Toniebox has 7-hours of battery and is easy for kids to use. Oh, and you can even get matching headphones for when you need quiet time.

Designed for kids, built for parents

Soft, squishy and super squeezable. But tough enough to survive thousands of tumbles. No matter what comes its way - the Toniebox is up to the task!

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Still not sure?

See what else you can do with the Toniebox.

Introducing the Toniebox: a revolutionary audio system designed to ignite imagination and limit screen time for children.

Recommended from the age of three, the Toniebox offers a wealth of benefits beyond mere entertainment. By providing a screen-free experience, the Toniebox encourages children to explore their creativity and imagination through storytelling and music. This not only fosters cognitive development but also helps reduce dependency on digital devices, promoting healthier habits from a young age. Moreover, the Toniebox doubles as a soothing aid for bedtime routines, with calming stories and melodies that help children unwind and fall asleep peacefully. This feature not only promotes better sleep hygiene but also offers parents a welcomed respite at the end of a long day. Crafted with durability in mind, the Toniebox is built to withstand the rigors of childhood play while ensuring safety for little ones. Its intuitive design allows children to operate it independently, promoting a sense of autonomy and confidence. Plus, with its robust construction, the Toniebox is built to last for years, making it a sound investment for families. The Toniebox isn't just a toy; it's a gateway to a world of imagination, creativity, and peaceful bedtime routines. With its durable design, screen-free experience, and soothing capabilities, it's no wonder millions of parents trust the Toniebox to provide endless hours of safe, enriching entertainment for their children.