How to set up quiet time for kids with the Toniebox

Introducing quiet time, for a calm and happy home… YES you can have both! Quiet time is exactly what it sounds like; a time for quiet for little ones (and parents!) to rest and recharge. By giving little ones an opportunity for calming and independent play, we can help ward off the overstimulation that sometimes results in those oh so fun meltdowns.

Published 04/09/23 by Amy Blanchard

How to set up quiet time for kids with the Toniebox

Quiet time often gets introduced when toddlers drop their nap, but it’s also great for older kids, siblings and families too. But don’t just take our word for it, here are eight proven reasons why quiet time really does help…

  1. Develops their problem solving skills

  2. Consolidates their learnings from the day

  3. Encourages creative-play

  4. Builds up patience 

  5. Grows their confidence 

  6. Calms any big feelings they might be experiencing

  7. Increases their attention span 

  8. Sparks their imaginations

So how do we set up quiet time?

Set up a colouring activity with the Toniebox

// them up for some colouring time with their Toniebox. Playing audio whilst little learners are working on another activity has soooo many perks, from promoting relaxation to improving their fine motor skills. Doing these two things together will also boost their literacy development. To help you get started, we teamed up with Twinkl to create some brilliant colouring-in pages, but that’s not all, we’ve also created matching songs and stories for your Creative-Tonies. It’s all free and easily downloadable on the mytonies app.

Set the mood

Help them relax to the max with some calming music. Regardless of what other quiet time activities you set up for your little one, having some soft sounds from the Classical Music Sleepy Rabbit playing in the background will help them chill-out and reset during their quiet time.

Rotate their toys

// having some super special Tonies and toys that only come out at quiet time and rotate them every week or so. A great tonie-tastic tip is to use the ones that spark their interest most and let them select just one or two from their collection, this will help them focus without getting overwhelmed. One of the best things about the Toniebox is that little ones can use it all on their own during their quiet time.

Magical meditation 

Have your little ones tried meditation before? Why not give it a try during quiet time with the Calm Creative-Tonie. Together with Calm, the leading mental wellness brand, we created a special character full of breath work meditations and mindfulness activities. These easy-peasy breathing exercises can help little listeners shift their minds from active to calm during their quiet time.

Steer clear of over-stimulating screens 

// much screen time gets everyone feeling a bit over-stimulated so try swapping it out for your Toniebox instead. Listening to audiobooks can be both relaxing and entertaining. Our favourite, loveable bear Paddington has two and a half hours of relaxing stories told softly by Stephen Fry, just the thing for quiet time.

Try a Tonie Timer

Did you know children under the age of 5 have a really hard time understanding the concept of time? This is where Tonie Timers come in handy. The Mindful Moments Tonie Timer has five minutes of countryside bird song that brings a sense of calm to their quiet time space. Once the soothing sounds are finished, little ears will know that the time has passed. Plus they won’t keep asking if they're done yet!

Choose a time that suits

// may find that a morning quiet time works better in your home or maybe just before dinner. If you can, keeping their quiet time at the same time in their routine each day will help them know when to expect it. Little ones love a rhythm to follow in their day.

Take it one day at a time

The key to building a consistent quiet time routine is… consistency. Simply start with a few minutes of quiet time a day and slowly work your way up to something longer.

What tonies® parents think:

“Quiet time is now our favourite time of the day! Harriet cannot wait to grab the Toniebox and head off to her room or the playroom for some downtime listening to her favourite stories. She always emerges a much happier little bean afterwards." - Emma

However you decide to introduce quiet time, your Toniebox can help little listeners find their calm without a screen in sight. In fact, 91% of our tonies® families have found winding down easier since they got a Toniebox. That’s a whole lot of zen!

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