5 Fun Family Games to Play with Your Toniebox

Here's a few ideas to help get the fun started...

1. Musical Hide & Seek

You’ll need:

• Blindfolds

Give the classic game of Hide & Seek a Tonies’ makeover with this fun musical twist. With the rest of the family blindfolded, take it in turns to pop on your favourite Tonie, and hide the Toniebox in a secret location. Once the Toniebox is safely hidden, the seekers must find it by listening to the story or song that’s playing.

Why not make things even more challenging by using a stop watch to see who can find the Toniebox the fastest?

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2. Dance off

You’ll need:

  • Pots & pans

  • Wooden spoons

  • Glow sticks - optional!

Turn on your Toniebox and get moving, it’s time for the family dance off!

Clear a large open space for the dance floor. Divide into teams and select your props to rock out. Take it in turns to wow your family members, as you twirl, twist and shimmy around the room to your favourite musical Tonie.

Strut your stuff and get in the groove, using pots, pans and wooden spoons for added effects, or turn off the lights and break out some glow-sticks to get the party going.

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3. Record a Story Together

You’ll need:

• Favourite storybook

Round up the family and bring your favourite storybook to life with the mytonies app.

Assign roles to each family member, and record the story as you read it out loud. Don’t forget the sound effects! Once finished, save the story and assign it to your Creative-Tonie so your little one can listen back over and again.

A fun memory to treasure forever.

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4. Musical Clothes

You’ll need:

• A bag of clothes

Choose a musical Tonie, and stand or sit in a circle.

When the music plays, pass the bag of clothes around the circle. When the music stops, the player with the bag has to pull out one item and put it on.

Keep going until the bag is empty. Whoever has the most items of wacky clothing on is the winner!

Don’t forget to have a camera ready to snap the end results...tag us in your magical moment on Instagram or Facebook and use #mytoniessnaps to feature on our page!

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5. Tonies' Treasure Hunt

Calling all little explorers!

Hide your favourite Tonies around the house for your family to find, and use your Creative Tonie to record clues for your family to listen to.

Have multiple Creative Tonies? Then assign one clue to each Creative Tonie and hide them, so that once a Creative Tonie is found, they can play the clue to lead them to the next.

Your quest for treasure begins – happy hunting!

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