Make bedtime a dream routine.

Enchanting melodies, a warm glow and the ability to record and play goodnight messages. The Sleepy Sheep Night Light Tonie adds a dreamy calm to your bedtime routine.

Enchanting melodies.

The new Night Light Tonie comes with “Sleepy Sheep at the Enchanted Lake”, featuring 90 minutes of bedtime melodies. Just place it on the Toniebox and let the sweet dreams begin.

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Sleepy Sheep Night Light

Light that calms.

A calming light with a warm glow, on or off your Toniebox. The Night Light Tonie has 4 dimmable brightness levels, to accompany you and your little one throughout the different sleepy time stages.

"When it comes to healthy sleep habits in young children, the most important things to remember are having a consistent schedule, a calming bedtime routine, and a night light like this one from the new Sleepy Friends collection!"

Lauren Olson, sleep time expert from Sleep and the City

A guardian of your childs sleep

More than a Tonie. More than a night light.

A calming light with a warm glow that works on or off your Toniebox.

Personalised audio

The Night Light Tonie functions much like a Creative Tonie, enabling you to customize your audio content for the Night Light. With the mytonies app, you have the ability to swap between the pre-loaded content on the Night Light Tonie and your very own stories, songs, and comforting goodnight messages.

Sleepy Friends allow you to upload your own creative content

30 minute sleep-timer

Ready to say goodnight? The Night Light Tonie has a sleep-timer function which will make sure all lights are out 30 minutes after activating.


Long-lasting battery life

The rechargeable Night Light Tonie can glow for up to 240 hours at the lowest brightness level. And after many cosy sleepy nights, it can be charged using the included USB-C.

Charming design

Sleepy Friends design with soft-to-touch silicone material.

90 minutes of enchanting melodies

Four dimmable brightness levels

Play recorded or custom audio

Rechargeable and up to 100 hours of battery-life

Sleep-timer function for 30 minutes

Soft to touch

"Bedtime battles are no more around here with the Sleepy Friends Night Light —my daughter actually looks forward to going to bed now!"

Lauren Olson, sleep time expert from Sleep and the City

Image on the Night Light with the light on, on top of the Toniebox.

Sleepy Sheep Nightlight FAQs

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Meet the Sleepy Friends Tonies

The Sleepy Friends trio is here to help you create a calm and soothing atmosphere at every stage of your bedtime routine. Little ones will drift off to sleep feeling sleepily relaxed.

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