8 activities for celebrating book events

Fun fact: Listening to audiobooks has a powerfully positive effect on children’s early reading skills, even for the littlest of listeners. Amazing, huh?

Published 26/02/24 by Amy Blanchard

8 activities for celebrating book events

Book events were first created 29 years ago, to showcase all the benefits of reading and to inspire more kids to read for fun. To celebrate these days and our huuuuge range of book-based Tonies, here are some fun ways to get involved this March.

Dress up as their favourite character

//images.ctfassets.net/l6vo76cztcax/7wb1iihNd7HpX1x4FKxadO/0bb10ec2b2766893c01261420c33c829/Blog_entry_images__3_.pngJust like your littles, here at tonies® HQ, we are big fans of dressing up. Which is why this might be the most fun way to celebrate. Get your children to step into the pages by transforming them into their favourite Tonie storybook character - there’s a whole bunch to choose from. If you’re after some inspo, we’ve put together lots of ideas for fuss-free and affordable costumes here. Don’t forget to snap a pic of your little readers all dressed up!

Give bookish play a go 


What better way to bring a book alive than through play? Bookish play is where you set up a play activity based on a book and add the matching Tonie to listen along to. We’ve got an easy step by step guide on how to set it up here.

Get free audiobooks

There’s ten stories waiting to be discovered in the mytonies library, from animal adventures to learning about pirates and princesses. Oh and did we mention, they’re all free?! All you have to do is head over to the mytonies app and assign it to their Creative-Tonie.

Refresh their reading space

//images.ctfassets.net/l6vo76cztcax/30SvrvG0MUPeuycbRzqgpl/53aeaab374adabdf80cea9e7ad809845/Blog_entry_images__5_.pngWhy not make their favourite reading spot a little bit more special? Read up on how to create a cosy reading corner for kids or have a browse of some new Tonies and books that you could add to their collection. It’ll make their reading sessions literarily the best!

Start their own story

Does your future author have a wild imagination, a tonne of creativity and their own tales to tell? Well the mytonies app and Creative-Tonie can turn their storytelling dreams into a reality. Load up the mytonies app and start recording their story. Help bring their characters to life with different voices and sound effects. Once the masterpiece is complete, assign it to their Creative-Tonie and pop on the Toniebox.

Have a book themed film night

If you ask us, some of the best films have been adapted from books. Matilda, The Jungle Book, The Witches, Peter Pan? Just to name a few! So, as the day draws to a close, get cosy on the sofa and have a book themed film night. Let them choose a film that’s based on their most-loved story and settle in for some quality family time together.

Test their book knowledge

Got a budding bookworm in your family? Then test their knowledge on all things books. Use the mytonies app to record some questions, then assign them to their Creative-Tonie and pop it on the Toniebox. You could even arrange some little prizes for when they get the questions right. Maybe a new book, hey? Here’s some question ideas to get you started…

  • Matilda: What’s the name of the fearsome teacher?

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Who is Greg Heffley’s best friend?

  • The Gruffalo: What is the Gruffalo’s favourite food?

  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Complete the sentence ‘We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we’ve gotta go ____’

Start a book and Tonie swap

//images.ctfassets.net/l6vo76cztcax/6z8XIeKLKRGGjEr4HYqGr7/82e4464f2cb1624f0d9baeba4b134e84/Blog_entry_images__6_.pngKids grow and their reading needs change all the time, so if they’re after some fresh material then starting a book and Tonie swap with a fellow fan could be a novel idea. Swapping Tonies for a week will let them try new genres and authors they might not have considered before. And when they meet back up you can encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings about the story and characters.

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