Free summer holiday activity ideas for kids with the Toniebox

School’s out for summer! We’re sharing our top tips to keep little ones entertained AND educated through the holidays. Guaranteed to save the pennies and stop your children (and you!) from climbing the walls.

Published 25/07/23 by Amy Blanchard

Free summer holiday activity ideas for kids with the Toniebox

Build a den

// are the stuff childhood memories are made of. Even grown ups would be fibbing if they said they don’t enjoy building cosy pillow forts! Not only is den building a heap of fun for the whole family, little ones are encouraged to think creatively. Together with their Tonies, they can build a fort to hide from dragons or a castle for princesses. It can be whatever your little ones make it, and that’s the magic of dens. So round up their Tonies troop, get out the spare bed sheets, some clothes pegs and turn a room into the ultimate hideout. You could even make it a Friday afternoon tradition and end of week treat.

Treasure hunt 

A good treasure hunt helps little ones develop their observational skills and think outside the box. So, here’s an idea for one that can be done indoors or outdoors. Use the mytonies app to record your clues onto a Creative-Tonie. Little treasure hunters just pop the Tonie on the Toniebox, listen to the clue and then race off to find the hidden treasure. Once they’ve found the goods, they pop the Tonie back on for clue number two… and the fun goes on!

Start a band

// instruments help children learn coordination and how to keep rhythm, so why not make learning fun with the help of Creative-Tonies. Grab your mytonies app and start recording your family’s music and songs. You could each do a solo or come together to make your own smash-hit record. Little ones will feel huge satisfaction from hearing the music they are making (and what a great memory to remind them of at their eighteenth birthday party).

Put on a show

Combine the fun of audio storytelling with the magic of theatre by playing dress up and putting on a show with their favourite Tonie. They can act out what they’re listening to, which is a great way to burn off some steam and enjoy many laughs together.

Bake off

// their apron, Creative Tonie and the mytonies app, it’s time to get baking. Whether it’s prepping ingredients, cooking or tidying up, record some instructions for your budding bakers and let them follow along at their own pace. This great family activity helps them develop important life skills with a side-serving of major fun!

Host a teddy bears’ picnic

// your blanket ready, dig out the hamper and grab their favourite teddy bears and Tonies to match, because today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic. Paddington makes a lovely guest (though keep him away from the marmalade sandwiches!). Sharing a picnic with friends is a great way to work on manners and teaches them how to share.

Their Toniebox is so much more than just a musical storybox, it’s edutainment for the whole summer holidays. Give our free activity ideas a go or why not take it along with you for a big family day out. Got some more great ideas for summer holiday activities? Share them with us for all the tonies® families to try… 

Three cheers for days packed full of fun and imagination, all summer long!

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