How to have a Disney themed Halloween

If you’d like to sprinkle a bit of cute on your Halloween then why not try a Disney theme? We’ve got lots of activities and ideas for your family that bring the magic to you.

Published 19/10/23 by Amy Blanchard

How to have a Disney themed Halloween

Dress like your favourite Disney character

Get ready to take trick or treating seriously – seriously cute, that is. We looooove Disney inspired costumes, because they can wear them all year round. Here’s some of our ideas that’ll match their favourite Tonie.

  • Take their costume to the Land of the Dead with Coco - think sugar skulls, guitars and Spanish suits.

  • Go sweet and dress in a pink sparkly gown with Princess Aurora or go scary and dress in a black tutu and horns with the wicked fairy Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

  • Be bold just like Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations with black and white hair, red gloves and a spotty coat.


Paint or carve a Disney halloween pumpkin 

‘Tis the season for pumpkins and fun characters so let’s combine them both, Disney style! Let your little crafters pop on their most-loved Disney Tonie and get busy crafting with some of our matching ideas below.

Pumpkin painting is a great way for tinies to get involved in the fun, it also lets the whole family get super-duper creative. If painting isn’t your kind of mess, try carving a Disney pumpkin instead.

Make Minnie and Mickey spooky cookies 

We’ve got a no-bake Mickey and Minnie Halloween Cookies recipe that is so fun to get mini munchers involved in. These colour dipped Oreos look just like Mickey but with a fun Halloween twist.

  1. Pop the Mickey or Minnie Tonie on their Toniebox 

  2. To kick off, get kiddos inserting the chocolate buttons into the cream of the Oreo which will act as the glue

  3. Let them decorate their Oreos with whatever colour icing

  4. If they want to add sprinkles or Halloween decorations, do this immediately after icing and allow to dry.

  5. Bone appetit! Let them enjoy their homemade treat whilst listening along to Mickey and Minnie on their Toniebox.


Put on their Disney halloween playlist 

Disney has some really spooky songs - those villains really make for catchy tunes. Some of our favourites are Scar from The Lion King, Ursula from The Little Mermaid and the wicked stepsisters from Cinderella. So let the kiddies grab their Disney Tonies and all they’ll have to do is pop them on and off their Toniebox for a Halloween night full of songs and stories. Fang-tastic for a spooky party or while handing out treats. 

Halloween charades 

Guaranteed not only to get the whole family involved, but also have them laughing their heads off too! Small stars can act out scenes of their favourite villains from their Disney Tonies and wait and see if family and friends can guess the right character - the scarier the better! Why not film it and share it with us on Instagram with @tonies_uk, we’d loooooove to see it!

Guess the villain 

Use the mytonies app to record these names onto their Creative-Tonie and little tricksters have to shout out whether they think it’s a Disney villain or not. Bonus points for doing it in a super scary voice!

  • Maleficent 

  • Olaf

  • Ursula 

  • Nemo

  • Randall Boggs

  • Woody

  • Harley Quinn

  • Pocahontas 

Roll a Monster Inc.

Let’s get creepy crafting some monsters - they might end up looking a little strange but they sure create biiiiiiig laughs. This all-join-in-game is fun to share with siblings, pals or family.

  • Pop the Monsters Inc. Tonie on their Toniebox.

  • Grown ups, get a few bits of different colour felt or paper together and start cutting out a few bodies, eyes, mouths, hair, horns, legs and arms.

  • The more body parts you cut out and include in the game, the crazier the monster creations get.

  • Give kiddies a body and create a Roll a Monster score card with the following dice rolls:

  1. Add one eye to the body

  2. Add one mouth to the body

  3. Add hair to the body

  4. Add a horn to the body

  5. Add a leg to the body

  6. Add an arm to the body

  • Little monsters get rolling the dice to see what kind of monster you can come up with! 

  • As Sulley says "Hey, may the best monster win."


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