October half term - a tonies® Halloween schedule

October half term is creeeeeeping up! Have you got any spooktacular days planned yet? Well do not fear, with tonies®, there is so much to see, hear and do this half term. (Trick) or treat your kiddos to our frightfully fun ideas and activities…

Published 13/10/23 by Amy Blanchard

October half term - a tonies® Halloween schedule

Monday: Walk like a zombie

Have a family or friends competition to see who’s best at walking like the living-dead. It’s the perfect way to expel some of that half-term energy.

  • Make a mummy-style dress up using bandages, a torn up old sheet or loo roll with some sticky tape

  • Use the mytonies app to assign the free Zombie Noises audio to their Creative-Tonie

  • Pop the Creative-Tonie on the Toniebox 

  • Zombie walk along to the noises and the best wins!

Zombie Noises Audio Sample

Tuesday: Concoct some witch potions

Let’s get creepy crafting with The Witches and find out which witch is the witchiest. 

  • Pop The Witches Tonie on their Toniebox

  • To create the potion, get kiddos adding various food colouring to water in different bowls

  • Next, get them adding items to the potions like leaves, flowers, conkers, pine cones or soil

  • Make sure they give it a big stir with those strong arms!

  • Let them serve their witch potion to friends and family just like the Grand High Witch 

Psst. You might want to put your mucky pups in old clothes as food colouring can sometimes stain!

You can use a play or mud kitchen to set up or use a Tuff Tray or cover your dining room table and use that. A tonietastic tip for messy play is to buy a super cheap plastic shower curtain to use as a tablecloth or pop it on the floor. If you want to make this activity a little bit more eerie then try this potion concoction… Add bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to the water, you can still add food colouring and even some glitter. This mixture will create a fizzy potion for your kiddos to play with and enjoy whilst listening to The Witches on their Toniebox. 


Wednesday: Halloween jokes with the Funnybones Ghost Train

All aboard for a spooky ride where we’ll meet witches, skeletons, zombies and ghosts! Each time spooksters stop at a new character, they’ll hear a hilarious Halloween joke. This free audio is sure to take tricksters on a rollercoaster of comedy. 

  • Use the mytonies app to assign the free Funnybones Ghost Train audio to their Creative-Tonie

  • Pop the Creative-Tonie on the Toniebox and listen to the joke

  • You can even take off the Tonie until they’ve had a chance to think of an answer and pop it back on to hear if they were correct!

Funnybones Ghost Train Audio Sample

Thursday: Halloween scavenger hunt

Use the mytonies app to record these Halloween clues on their Creative-Tonie. Bonus points for doing it in a super scary voice! Little witches pop their Tonie on the Toniebox, listen to the clue and then fly off to find the hidden treats. Once they’ve found the treat, they pop the Tonie back on for clue number two… and the fun goes on.

Halloween clues:

  • Ghosts and ghouls are screaming, the treat is where you will be dreaming

  • Witches flying on a broom, the next treat is in mummy’s room

  • Close your eyes and wrap up tight, the next treat is hiding by a bedside light

  • It’s nearly time to dress up for Halloween, the next treat is where your clothes go to get clean

  • Black cats and spooky bats, your last treat can be found in your hat

Friday: Tell ghost stories

Turn off the lights or get under the covers, hold torches under your chins and tell (age appropriate) chilling tales. Let them record their own story creations onto their Creative-Tonie for them to show their friends at Halloween.

Saturday: Play-doh monster play

Let’s make silly monsters with a little inspo from Monsters Inc. Sulley.

  • Grab the Monsters Inc. Tonie and pop him on top of the Toniebox

  • Set up a tray with four colours of play-doh

  • Add some fun accessories like googly eyes, pipe cleaner, straws, plastic teeth and beads to decorate the play-doh

  • Your kiddies can now start decorating and creating their very own monsters!


Sunday: Pumpkin picking and carving

With only two days until Halloween, today is the pick of the patch! Pack up their Listen & Play Bag with their favourite Halloween Tonies for the perfect soundtrack for a fun family day out. Head out to the patch and let them pick their perfect pumpkin. 

Back at home, it’s time to dust off your pumpkin carving skills and have a family competition for the best jack-o-lantern for all the neighbours to admire and the local spooks to fear. A tonietastic tip for smaller kids is to let them draw a scary face in black marker pen on a mini pumpkin. It’s still fun and freaky - just a lot less effort!

Ps. Today is the perfect insta-ready scene. Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures with @tonies_uk


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