Happy Kids

Happy Parents

Happy Listening

The Toniebox brings songs, stories and joy to your family, from breakfast until bedtime.


Unbelievably easy to use, even for the smallest of hands...

A Tonie for all ages

With over hand-painted 120 Tonies to choose from, your Toniebox grows up with your child. From as early as 1 year old (under proper adult supervision), until 7; the Toniebox is the gift that keeps giving.

Rock your routine with the Toniebox

Less stress for you, sweet dreams for them

Tricky sleepers? No problem! Build the Toniebox into their routine with stories, lullabies and white noise to help them drift off with ease.

Made for real-life

With its simple design and squishy material, the Toniebox is built to withstand bumps, tumbles and toddlers. Soft enough to snuggle up with; strong enough for hands-on play.

Bundle and save

Loved by children, adored by parents

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