PAW Patrol to the Lookout!

There's no job too big, no pup too small for all the PAW Patrol adventures. All little listeners have to do is pop their Chase, Skye or Marshall Tonie on their Toniebox and they're ready to go!


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About PAW Patrol

All aboard the Paw Patroller pals, Adventure Bay awaits! Join Skye, Chase, Marshall, Liberty, Everest, Rocky, Zuma, Tracker, Rubble, Rex and co as they stage grand rescue missions, work together as a team, learn about their environment and more.

The PAW Patrol crew is made up of a diverse team of pups, each with their own specific set of skills. Each episode, or story, sees them work together to take on the challenges they’re facing, whether that’s rescuing Mayor Humdinger or cleaning up the chaos caused by a genie-in-training. Little listeners will hear how each pup has a role to play in the team’s overall mission, learning that everyone is important and valuable when they’re a team-player. But that’s not all. PAW Patrol also deals with real life situations kiddos may encounter, like dealing with loss, overcoming fears or the excitement of trying new things. Finally, PAW Patrol has been instrumental in teaching kiddos about different important roles in society like Police Officers, Firefighters and Life Guards.


Why add PAW Patrol Tonies to your collection?

Daring rescues, team-work, funny chickens and mischievous Mayors – the PAW Patrol pups are here to share life-lessons, adventure and laughs with your kiddos.

Interactive learning

Our PAW Patrol Tonies are audio plays which means we’ve used sound effects and a whole cast of voices to bring the stories to life. Listeners can act out the scenes, or play along with the soundtrack, boosting their comprehension skills and turning their listening into active play.


Fosters emotional and social development

Diving into the adventures of Rocky, Zuma, Liberty, Everest, Skye and the rest of the gang will help lay foundations for empathy, teamwork and the importance of community. The more little listeners are exposed to healthy emotional processing as the pups face and overcome challenges, the more their emotional intelligence grows.


Safe and convenient

The Toniebox creates a completely safe listening environment for kiddos. With no mics, cameras, ads or connection to WiFi after the Tonies have been loaded, they can’t accidentally wander into something you’d rather they didn’t hear. It’s also completely screen-free and PAW Patrol Tonies are a brilliant way to interact with their favourite characters, without a screen in sight.


Build a foundation for future learning

PAW Patrol might be one brilliant escapade after another but the storylines are also dotted with learning opportunities thanks to the different skills of the pups in the crew. Rocky is the recycling superstar here to teach kids to ‘use it, don’t lose it!’, Marshall introduces the idea of fire safety and more. It’s a great start to the more complex learning environments kiddos will encounter as they grow.


Frequently Asked Questions about PAW Patrol

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from Paw Patrol fans

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