When you put listening and playing together...

...something magical happens.

Let your children’s imagination run free. Toniebox and Tonies offer endless interactive listening and playing fun without bright screens, scratched CDs or complicated controls.

Pop a Tonie on the box and let the fun begin

When you put a Tonie on for the first time, its story will download directly onto the Toniebox. But how does it all work?
The Toniebox instantly recognises who's standing on top, and they have the magic key. The key unlocks the right audio files so the box can download them from the Toniecloud. The story will begin immediately. Once the LED turns solid green, the audio content has been completely downloaded, and you can play it anywhere without a Wi-Fi connection.

By the way, I’m a Tonie

I am ready to play when you are. Pre-loaded with my very own audio adventures or music, you can just pop me onto the Toniebox and dive right into my world.

I’m a Creative Tonie

I can play everything you want me to. Just upload your own audiobooks and adventures, stories or songs. There are also loads of other fun things you can do with me. Get creative!

A sensation in Europe

We knew youngsters would love our Tonies. But we never expected to see millions out in the world already!

Why the Toniebox is the way it is

Does everything have to flash and flicker these days? We consciously decided against that and made sure the Toniebox does none of that. Instead, it simply puts a twinkle in our children’s eyes.
Patric Fassbender – Inventor and founder of tonies®

Discover the Tonie-Story – from an idea to the finished product

Nothing great comes easy. Discover what it took for an audacious idea to become a reality and change the way our children listen to audio.


You run the show!

With your Toniecloud account and Tonie-App you are the boss. Each is giving you loads of options to customise your Toniebox and Creative-Tonies however you like.

... coming soon!

Configure your Toniebox

Log in to your Toniecloud account via my.tonies.com to set up your Toniebox and access other customisation settings like setting the maximum volume.

Creative-Tonies for your very own content

Manage your uploaded audio files and invite friends to share theirs with you.

The Tonie-App, your mobile recording studio

You, your kids, friends or family – you name it. With the Tonie-App everyone can record their own stories and messages, no matter where.

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