How it Works

1. This is a Tonie

Hand-painted, magnetic characters your little one will love. There are 200+ Tonies to choose from, each brimming with stories and songs.

blue toniebox

2. This is a Toniebox

It’s squishy. It’s snuggly. It’s totally tumble-proof. And kids can control it all by themselves.

3. This is happy listening

There will be singing. There will be stories. And your little one will learn all kiiiiinds of new words taught by superheroes and princesses!

Why do you need a Toniebox? Watch to find out

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Bedtime routine. Sorted.

Leave that one last story before bed to the Toniebox. And with soothing sounds, white noise and more, they'll be sound asleep all night long.

Make bedtimes fuss-free with the Toniebox. Put kids in control of storytime.

Bring screen time waaaaay down

96% of parents say the Toniebox brings screen time down. Keep kids happy with stories and sing alongs from Chase, Moana, Shrek and more.

The Toniebox helps cut down on screen-time.

Super-charge their speech

Introduce your kid to huuuundreds of new words. The Toniebox is proven to boost kids' speech and reading levels in just four months.

Help develop your children's speech with the Toniebox!


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Here's why experts love it

200+ Tonies to choose from

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